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Why did I decide to make Kampo wagashi?

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When I was a child, I lived overseas, and wagashi was a special treat that I could only eat when I came to Japan.

However, unlike its gorgeous and mysterious appearance, I remember thinking as a child that the taste was just too sweet! I remember thinking that it was sweet.

I was also shocked to learn that it was made from the sweetness of beans, a concept that had never been seen in other countries.

I think the appeal of wagashi can be summed up in its delicacy, seasonality that only a country with four seasons can offer, and simple ingredients.

As I ate various kinds of wagashi, I wondered if it was possible to make wagashi more health-focused, or if it was possible to bring out the sweetness of natural fruits while using less sugar.

From the perspective of "mibyo" (pre-disease), which can prevent physical illness and disease, I wanted to use my knowledge of correct Chinese medicine to create wagashi that would solve the problems of modern people, and I also obtained a certification as a trainer of Chinese medicine.

The word "Kampo" may conjure up images of bitter herbal medicines or dubious Chinese medicine, however, Kampo is an academic discipline that was developed from Chinese medicine in Japan, and even without using bitter Kampo medicines, we can easily take in foods that match our constitution and season.

The knowledge based on Kampo can be applied to wagashi as well, so you can feel free to incorporate it into your daily life.

My wish is to bring Kampo wagashi to as many people as possible, and to make as many people as possible happy with delicious and healthy Kampo wagashi.

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