• Three Matcha Styles

    Choose your favorite matcha

    according to your constitution and mood !


    There are three types of WACHA matcha.

    WACHA's Matcha is not only made from tea leaves,

    but also from flowers and fruits.

    It is designed to support the health of modern people on a daily basis

    who tend to overwork their bodies and minds.


    What do you think of when you think of matcha?

    Matcha is a green powder that is commonly consumed in cafes nowadays.

    It is said that matcha was originally drunk in China in the 10th century.
    In Japan, the "tea ceremony" was born in the 15th century,

    and matcha has become more than a beverage,

    it has become a part of traditional culture.


    In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of stores related to matcha overseas, and it is also called a "super food" due to its high nutritional value.


    Not surprisingly, matcha is made by drying tencha (powdered green tea) and

    grinding the tea leaves themselves into a powder using a millstone.

    Matcha has more health benefits than green tea

    because the nutrients contained in the tea leaves can be taken intact.

    Matcha is full of ingredients that are perfect

    for people who have been having trouble

    concentrating lately, drinking too much coffee, or feeling tired.


    Why don't you try drinking matcha every day and see the benefits?